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Page Title: gao phuong nam, bán gạo chất lượng các loại
Report Generated on: October 28 2012 20:58:24. CST
Page Load Time: 1.84 sec
Page Size: 1,285.30 kb
Number of Requests: 62
HTTP Status Code: 200
Number of Hops:

Performance Analysis

Showing Performance Analysis and Tunig Tips
    PageSpeed Analysis and Performance Suggestions
    Rule Name Grade Severity
    Avoid bad requests Low
    Avoid a character set in the meta tag Low
    Avoid CSS @import Low
    Reduce request serialization Low
    Avoid landing page redirects Low
    Avoid long-running scripts Low
    Defer parsing of JavaScript High
    Eliminate unnecessary reflows Medium
    Enable compression High
    Inline Small CSS Low
    Inline Small JavaScript Low
    Leverage browser caching High
    Minify CSS High
    Minify HTML Medium
    Minify JavaScript High
    Minimize redirects Low
    Minimize request size Low
    Optimize images High
    Optimize the order of styles and scripts High
    Prefer asynchronous resources Low
    Put CSS in the document head Low
    Remove query strings from static resources Low
    Serve resources from a consistent URL High
    Serve scaled images High
    Specify a cache validator Medium
    Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header Low
    Specify a character set Low
    Specify image dimensions Low
    Combine images into CSS sprites High
    YSlow Analysis and Performance Suggestions
    Rule Name Grade Severity
    Make fewer HTTP Requests Help High
    Use a Content Delivery Network(CDN) Help Medium
    Avoid empty src or href Help High
    Add Expires headers Help High
    Compress components with gzip Help High
    Put CSS at top Help Medium
    Put JavaScript at bottom Help Medium
    Avoid CSS expressions Help Low
    Make JavaScript and CSS external Help
    Reduce DNS lookups Help Low
    Minify JavaScript and CSS Help Medium
    Avoid URL redirects Help Medium
    Remove duplicate JavasScript and CSS Help Medium
    Configure entity tags (ETags) Help Low
    Make AJAX cacheable Help Medium
    Use GET for AJAX requests Help Low
    Reduce the number of DOM elements Help Low
    Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error Help Medium
    Reduce cookie size Help Low
    Use cookie-free domains Help Low
    Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter Help Medium
    Do not scale images in HTML Help Low
    Make favicon small and cacheable Help Low
    WSZScore Analysis
    Parameter Grade/Value Severity
    HTTP Status Code Help High
    Total Transfer Time Help High
    DNS Lookup Time Help High
    Connection Time Help High
    Start Transfer Time Help High
    Redirect Time Help 0 sec Medium
    Document Retrieve Time Help -1 sec Medium
    Pre Transfer Time Help 0.141509 sec Medium
    Upload Size Help 0 bytes Low
    Download Size Help 30859 bytes Medium
    Effective URL Help Medium
    Download Speed Help 36367 bytes/sec Medium
    Upload Speed Help 0 bytes/sec Low
    Header Size Help 242 bytes Medium
    Request Size Help 457 bytes Medium
    Content Length Downloaded Help -1 bytes Medium
    Content Length Uploaded Help 0 bytes Low
    Content Type Help text/html; charset=UTF-8 Low
    Waterfall View of the page Help
    This HAR file is programatically generated for viewing purpose only. The orginal HAR file used is not avaliable to download/view because of security reasons.
    TraceRoute for the domain Help
    1 ip-10-19-98-1.ec2.internal 0.873ms 1.190ms 1.456ms
    2 ip-10-0-67-141.ec2.internal 0.853ms 1.161ms 0.817ms
    3 ip-10-0-76-138.ec2.internal 0.596ms 1.924ms 2.191ms
    4 ip-10-130-8-1.ec2.internal 0.357ms 0.336ms 0.383ms
    5 0.427ms 0.459ms 0.374ms
    6 0.446ms 0.683ms 0.613ms
    7 1.762ms 1.687ms 1.394ms
    8 1.255ms 1.181ms 1.735ms
    9 * ( 1.555ms 1.149ms
    10 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    11 1.038ms 0.960ms 0.928ms
    12 0.891ms 1.473ms 1.213ms
    13 1.178ms 1.322ms 1.028ms
    14 1.009ms 1.269ms 0.988ms
    15 13.329ms 1.181ms 13.676ms
    16 14.882ms 33.270ms 13.635ms
    17 37.136ms 33.817ms 35.725ms
    18 35.957ms 36.246ms 36.774ms
    19 36.705ms 36.148ms 34.903ms
    20 * ( 37.505ms Timed Out
    21 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    22 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    23 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    24 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    25 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    26 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    27 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    28 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    29 * * * Timed Out Timed Out
    30 * * * Timed Out Timed Out


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